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Svengoolie Saturday!

Rich Kox
Hi Gang sorry, my first real post for the holiday season is so late tonight. The big bummer I forgot to set my Tivo for today's show. This could be good for somebody. You know, the ones who have no clue what a Svengoolie is. Svengoolie has been a Chicago land Horror host for over 30 years. Recently Sven went national thanks to the Me-TV. I can proudly say thanks to my mom and Sven they ushered in my love for sci-fi and horror. Oh and the passion for really bad movies.

Svengoolie aka Rich Koz has won multiple Emmy's for the show. And took over the role as the Son of Svengoolie in the 1980's when his father (Gerry G Bishop) went on to other projects. A few years later Koz dropped the son and became the full-time goolie.
Gerry G Bishop

 Since then, generations of viewers have become fans of the monstrous mirth and movies that this video vampire dispenses every week over the airwaves! claims the Svengoolie website.

Svengoolie has been bringing us the classic Universal horror films, many of which have not been seen on broadcast television in years! Which is great for those of you that have not seen his show yet but we were treated to this a few years ago. That does not stop me from checking in every week for even his reruns have newly taped segments.

While based in the Chicago area, Svengoolie has fans all over the country- proven by the fact that they voted him “Best Horror Host of 2009” in the national Rondo horror awards! Acknowledged by even the most famous horror hosts as a peer- Svengoolie has become the king of horror hilarity- and now, he’ll be coming out of his coffin every week on Me-TV!!! From the website.

As a fan that lives well over 2 hours away once a year I look forward my trip to Flashback Weekend. It's great to stand in a long line (up to 2 hours) with some of the greatest fans. More to come on the flashback from this year next week.

So if you ever have a chance to see Svengoolie I say check it out. After 30 years I would say he is doing something right.

In the meantime check out one of my favorites of all time.


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