Charles Band cleaned his basement!

GrindhouseSellSheet650 Full Moons GRINDHOUSE Collection is Coming Oct 21stGrindhouse Update and Trailer Full Moon's "Grind House" series features titles such as: "Savage Island," "White Slave," "Best of Sex and Violence," "Zombiethon", "Famous T & A", "Auditions", "Necropolis", "Mutant Hunt", and "Film Gore." These films, featuring such talents and celebrity commentators such as John Carradine and the Carradine brothers, Elvira, Sybil Danning, Linda Blair and many others, were produced in the late 70s to mid-80s and have been rarely available on video.

The Grindhouse Collection has been assembled from old negatives and lost footage. In many cases, we've had to go back to masters that were 30 years old and in some cases VHS transfers. Even back in the 80's, much of this original source material came from footage that was considered old! Please keep this in mind as you watch these features that have been, in many cases, lost for decades!


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