Svengoolie Saturday

Tonight on Sven is The Mole People @ 9:00
This afternoons showing was Incredible Shrinking Man. I really hate being a week behind put I would hate it more if I could not get my Sven fix on. Tonight the goolie will be at the Portage Theater for the Mummy double feature reads the web site.

"Sven returns for a special Six Corners appearance at the  Portge Theater, 4050 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago, featuring a special Mummy double feature- the original Boris Karloff “Mummy’ followed by the remake featuring Brendan Frasier! It’s a day long celebration in the Six Corners shopping area, where you can get special stamps at participating stores to enter a drawing for a big screen TV! There will be a Halloween fashion show and a “Mummy station” where you can become a mummy! Meet Sven at the Portage between 7 and 8 pm- doors open at 6:30-we ALWAYS end up having to close down the line,due to the number of people,so- be in line early! We will have the new Sven shirts for sale there. For more information- go to"

The Last One
The new "Official Chicken Thrower" bulls eye T-shirt is finaly out. Fans have been waiting months to get their hands on this bad boy. Over the summer i was lucky enough to snag one early. In fact I snagged the last one while in line to meet Svengoolie during Flashback Weekend. I like the new design I'm just not sure I like it better then the "It Came From Berwyn."

Never the less I will wear it proud and wear it out. If fact my wife hates when I wear my Sven Shirts do to the fact somebody always remarks "Hey nice shirt I love that show".

If your not sure if you get Svengoolie check out Me-Tv Network and click on the Banner "click to find out where to watch me."

Only Part of the Long line

Also here are a few links you can use to find out more. great site for info on many Horror Host's.
And Huge Svengoolie fans.

Part of the Count Down to Halloween Day 8


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