Oh, Charlie Brown how I loved getting your Zingers in my school lunch! Sure the rich kids were eating those Twinkies things but I had my peanuts gang to keep me happy. And when mom would pack in those wonderful Red Raspberry flavored coconut zingers it would be the first think I ate.

Dolly Madison also made cream filled pies that I would get to buy later in life with my own money and I have to say to this day I still crave the coconut cream pie! That thing rocked my socks off. It's too bad Hostess as cut so many corners that these snack treats are just not the same anymore.

So which was your favorite flavor? Did you eat Dolly Madison or where you a Hostess kind of kid? And did you make it through the A to Z challenge? Sure I struggled a bit this year with the first communion slowing me down but I still had fun and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year. Thanks to everyone that has stopped by. If you are looking for a different kind of goofy nerd filled blog give me a follow! And thanks again.



  1. We didn't have Twinkies or Zingers or anything else like that in Canada when I was growing up 50 years ago. At least not on the prairies. Maybe in central Canada, I don't know.

    1. So what kind of treat would you get in your lunch at school?

  2. I love a good ding dong! Or those chocolate cupcakes. Or ho's ho's.

  3. We were a frugal household, so we didn't get Hostess or Dolly Madison products very often. We were a Little Debbie household. But I *loved* those raspberry Zingers when I could get them. And who can forget that all those Peanuts specials were brought to you by Dolly Madison, makers of neat to eat treats!

  4. A great week and May the 4th (be with you).

  5. Raspberry, coconut "Zingers"... they were my favorite.
    A great day to you and yours good Sir Bob...


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