Dollar Tree finds!

Not much this week mainly trades from and the Doller Tree has Blu's for a buck...

Amongst those Blu-Rays was Darkman and the DVD Arctic Blast. The Wraith game from swap but it was kind of gross so I'm pretty bummed about that one. Also from Swap I picked up.....

I picked up Scanners and Queens of Scream was in the Wal-Mart Dump bin for 3 bucks. I have never heard of Arctic Blast but low budget cheese for a dollar will get me everytime.  I did not own I Know What You Did Last Summer yet and someday that will be a movie I can show the girls durning a sleep over! Oh and speaking of the girls I picked up the new Sound of Music but they already took that. 

Have you picked up anything good this week? Let me know below. 


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