Best Pick Up week this year!!

Some pretty darn good scores this week. First, our second-hand store ran a VHS sale of 5 for a dollar so you know this goofball picked up a few of those. Also picked up about 20 kid books for our Little Free Library just to keep things fresh. They sell most of their kid books for a dime and I focused in on the 1/2 price books just so I could make my dollar stretch.

I can never pass up on Disney classic TV shows that you can no longer watch and that have never been on DVD yet. We already watched Aladdin and loved it. The value for Team Genie is around 4 to 5 bucks. Sing along Songs are always fun and it worth $10. Timon & Pumbaa will be watched soon and could fetch anywhere from $4 to $50 on Ebay so not a bad score there.

Rounding out the VHS pick-ups is Disney's The Watcher in The Woods from 1980 starring Bette Davis and the girl from Ice Castles Lynn-Holly Johnson. This is on DVD the cover threw me off but the VHS is still worth upwards of $20 bucks to the right buyer. I will but this on my Halloween to-do list. The last one is a fairly common movie The Nightmare Room from 2002 I just could not find anything else to buy and I'm always up for some Halloween style kid show.

Also scored 3 DVDs for a nice price of a dollar a piece. You just can not go wrong with a little bit of Chuck Norris and you can never go wrong with Vincent Price. I just might do an 80's week next month and watch a ton of this goofing movies that made my summers fun as a kid. And with Shock, I'm not sure I can wait until October to watch this one.

Also found this random blind bag for the Walking Dead for ten cents how could I pass that up? And now for the big one the granddaddy for pick ups for us in a long time. You know I never really get on facebook it drives me nuts but I posted a picture of the books I picked up for the Little Library and glanced at a post in the Garage Sale board. I have no idea how to use it well I needed to learn fast. A guy posted these...

and these...

along with this...

SO what would you expect to pay? I know Disney stopped making anything for this game but the girls still play the crap out of it and is one of our all-time favorites. And out of the 17 figures, we only had 5 of them! Not to bad if you ask me. Ok, so we got all of this for $20 bucks!!! I figured out the value and it is over $145.50 and it's Disney so they will go up in value not down once the game is no longer on the shelf. Totally nuts if you ask me. It also game with the game for 1.0 so we can not play that one but that is fine. Oh and we do not have a PS4 so we can trade that one in for 30 bucks right now! My wife clearly thinks I'm crazy but for the girls and I it was the best pick up so far!


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