The Legends of Horror Have Returned!

Puppet Master Axis of Evil
2010 | Color | 1 hr 23 min | Horror | R | Full Moon Features

Director: David DeCoteau

Writer: Domonic Muir

Jenna Gallaher
Taylor M. Graham
Tom Sandoval 
Erica Shaffer

In a stateside hotel during the height of World War II, young DANNY COOGAN dreams of joining the war effort. Following the murder of hotel guest Mr. Toulon by Nazi assassins, Danny finds the old man's crate of mysterious PUPPETS and is suddenly thrust into a battle all his own.

He discovers that Nazis MAX and KLAUS, along with beautiful Japanese saboteur OZU, plan to attack a secret American manufacturing plant. After his family is attacked and his girlfriend BETH is kidnapped, it is up to Danny and the living deadly Puppets to stop this AXIS of EVIL...

David DeCoteau does it again with another good looking PM movie! His style is so clean and unique that the experience is always enjoyable (And yes 90210 Shark Attack is still on my list to watch this year) and he is the guy that gave us Puppet Master 3 that stands out as a fan favorite. And with Charles Band wanting to get the series back on the ground he made the right decision with DeCoteau. Teamed up with writer Domonic Muir (yeah the guy who wrote the Bong movies along with the classic Critters) spin's a fun new story of fighting the Nazis. The characters are fun and warm hearted and brought into the story in a fun and unique way. 

The story kicks off with Don and Uncle Ben I mean Len sorry fixing up chairs at the now famous hotel before stumbling on to Toulon's death giving you the feel that this could be a true sequel to the first movie even tho this a new story line based on a new series. And it all works very well and is highly believable. And after the last few movies, it was nice to see the puppets come back and not through flashback sequences. Now while I'm on the subject Don is also one of the weakest links is the character is a little too whiney for me, sure you have a bad leg and can not join the war efforts but do we need to be reminded of that for the whole movie? And while on the subject about the cast Erica Shaffer plays the mom and she is wonderful. And yet she is another Soap Opera star in a full moon movie! And I would like to talk more about the eye candy Jenna Gallaher but she has done nothing after this movie and that is too bad she was great as well. 

So let's talk about the main reason you are here the puppets. We finally get a new Puppet in the form of a Ninja. Altho very simple in looks he gets the job done even getting the final jab in when the movie comes to a close. It was also good to see Drill Sargent back before he was named Tunneler in the newer movies. You also get a glimpse of Six Shooter's arm's before he was fixed up and ready for action again later in the movie series. We also get Blade and Leech Women with Pinhead to round out the cast of puppets used. Now this does not make much sense in the timeline as they are used for good once again but it is really easy to look past. 

There is really a lot to like about Puppet Master Axis of Evil it is a very well written and film story that really does bring the franchise back to life in a very good way. The location's look good the villains are great the story makes sense and the puppets kill once again. It is very lite on blood and gore but it is there this is a DeCoteau movie so you will not see any nudie making this a pretty safe movie for a younger audience. 

So after a successful campaign to raise money to shot the last of the Axis trilogy later this year I will be able to look back on this movie as the one that got me excited all over again. Now I have one more to watch Puppet Master X Axis Rising! 

This one easily gets...

4 out of 5 Bloody Brains


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