Ever since we had the Little Free Library go up in our front yard a new world was opened up to us. One day we watched a father and daughter checking out our box but not really looking at the books instead they picked up a fake rock that somebody had but down.

They took the rock back to the car played with it for a few minutes and then but it back. Well, I had no clue what was going on so when they drove off and the coast was clear I went outside to investigate. I did not get it at first I opened the fake rock to see a list of names? Odd plain old odd. Then it hit me it is a Geocash!

So after looking into a little bit more yes we found out our little Library was on the Geocaching map! How cool is this? SO yesterday was my first day off since the girls have been out of school so they asked if we could try it out.

First, few we did were pretty easy of course the one in front of our house the other Little Library in town (yes we help with that one as well) and the Hegeler Carus Mansion. But then we had trouble finding one at a dentist office that has messaged me back saying it is still there to please try again which we will soon and the other is the train car in the video we have below. Those are hard!! We found one more before we headed home.

So why not Geocash it is pretty cool and takes you to place's you may have never explored before. I can see us doing this a few more times this summer and fall those die hards out there do it all year long!!

So have you ever Geocashed? Did you find it fun? Let us know in the comments below.


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