It's an almighty laugh!

Oh, God!
1977 | Color | 1 Hr 38 Min | Comedy | PG | Warner Brothers

Carl Reiner

Larry Gelbart
Avery Corman

John Denver
George Burns
Teri Garr

Jerry Landers, a supermarket assistant manager, and a good yet non-religious person, suddenly finds a note in the mail one day that grants him an "interview" with God. Thinking it to be a hoax he tosses it away, but when it keeps reappearing he finally gives in. Skeptical at first, he ends up carrying His personal message - that the world can work with what God's given us.

I have been looking forward to jumping into this DVD when I bought it earlier this year. Many questions would need to be answered. Was this as good as I remember? Will it hold up after almost 40 years? Well, let us dive in and see shall we?

Wow 1977 was a movie lovers dream year we had Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Orca, Smokey and the Bandit and of course this little movie that Briefly ended Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope 15-week reign at the #1 spot at the box office in October of 1977, but never fear Star Wars returned to the top spot the following week.

Who would not believe that George Burns was not god? I mean come on he smoked cigars and lived to be 100! He never aged looked the same for many years. He is definitely one of the ways I would think god would come down to earth and look like. This has a great ensemble of a cast as well Paul Sorvino plays a great evangelist, William Daniels (you know the voice of K.I.T.T. on Knight Rider) plays his boss and Ralph Bellemy plays a lawyer. Plus we get to see Donald Pleasance play a Catholic Preist even tho he gets 2 whole lines it is still fun to see him pre-Halloween. It is also said that he may have has some of his story lines cut.

And John Denver who is so clean and wholesome you can not go wrong watching him in this role. He also works well with Terri Garr who of course was in one of those other top grossing movies of the same year. She is so heart warming as the wife with a husband that just might have fallin' off his rocker. They play well together but not as well as Denver and Burns they are perfect!

Much of this movie holds up today with wonderful and quick one liners that leaving asking "did they just say that?" The story is still just as wonderful as it was back then. It still has a very polite and yet powerful message. The locations are still fun to look back at with the older cars and packaging from the grocery story that is fun to point out. And how can forget the wonderful soundtrack? 

My girls did sit down and started watching this with me and they seemed to enjoy it as well so it still holds up to today's standards with children. IF you grew up around this time when the world was a lot different this is still a nice movie to look back on. And if you liked it back then you will still fall in love with it today. 

It would be really nice to see a Blu-Ray transfer for "Oh, God" it deserves to be on collector's shelves. For now thouhg we have a decent looking DVD. So grab the family pop some corn and enjoy the first of three "Oh God" movies starring George Burns. 


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