Aliens and Vampire's oh my!

Aliens/ Vampirella

Written By: Corinna Sara Bechko

Dynamite Entertainment and Diamond Book Distributors

Hardback Trade

154 pages

Two iconic horror franchises collide, as Vampirella - the fan-favorite supernatural heroine - faces the most nightmarish creatures ever to appear in cinema: the Xenomorphs from Alien! As the first human colony on Mars digs deeper into the crimson soil, they discover the catacombs of a hibernating civilization, tens of thousands of years old. The evidence suggests that they are Nosferatu, an ancient and sinister species that Vampirella is all too familiar with. Called to the Red Planet to investigate, the monster hunter and her human allies find a chamber with hundreds of ellipsoidal, leathery eggs... and after they hatch, the true horror begins. In space, no one can hear Vampirella scream!

So how do you start off a review about two horror icons that you are very fond of but yet together they are just... well...     

Spoilers Ahead 

... yeah, that about sum's it up Gaa-aaa! I had high hopes for this series that comes off kind of week and it makes little sense. Like all of a sudden Nosferatu live on Mars and they are the ones that battle the aliens all these years. I don't know I just did not get the story was kind of weak and did not fit together in my opinion. The artwork is good a little bit of everything you need in a horror comic book. 

In all honesty, if this was not the trade I would have stopped buying this one after the third issue just not my style and that is too bad because hot vampires and aliens rock! Sadly this was just ok...

3 Bloody Brains out of 5


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