Fifty Cars Are Pounded Into a Mass of Twisted Metal

1977 | Color | 85 Minutes | 2.35.1 | PG | Action | Mono | Group One

Source: Full Moon Streaming

Director: Charles Band

Writer: Marc Marais

José Ferrer
Sue Lyon
John Ericson
Leslie Parrish
John Carradine
Jerome Guardino

What dark powers possess the mysterious trinket?
When his patient Kim is nearly killed in a motor accident, Dr. Martin decides to investigate.
His only clue is a strange trinket which Kim has clutched since her crash. An occult expert tells him it is Akasa – a Hittite God of revenge and destruction.
Meanwhile Kim’s car, apparently unmanned, rampages the roads causing carnage and disaster…

Crash is one of the first movies in Charles Bands still growing film career. After countless bootlegs, hard to find VHS tapes and never released on DVD, Full Moon Streaming has premiered this new widescreen version for all the uber fans out there. How does a 1970's movie about a killer car hold up. In my mind very well. The movie will keep you in your seat so make sure you have plenty of popcorn.

Sue Lyon as Kim Denne
The look and feel of Crash if felt throughout the movie and captured the era quite well. From the great looking car to its wonderful cast. The opening scene is my only gripe it was kind of out of place but I believe it was there to set the tone of the movie. As a couple of hippies get chased down by the car early and hit a little tree and explode. I will give props to the slow motion and a few camera angles used to make it look good. Soon after Kim heads to a open market where she is drawn to the occult object Akaza, the God of Vengeance! The Akaza will soon take possession of a driverless car and causes one spectacular Crash after another. 

The Akaza!

Crash! will bring to mind other killer car films The Car and The Hearse but believe it or not Band's film beat them both to the box office will little to no fanfare or success. Yet this movie is much easier to sit through then the Car witch is a movie I hold near and dear to me. One of the best scenes in the movie came from the dog that attacks Kim by jumping into the top of a moving car. Shortly  after Kim takes over a wheelchair and kills her husbands dog that was both new and funny to me and one of the more disturbing moments in the movie. 

Yep that's Charles Band Himself

Full Moon Streaming also has an audio commentary by producer/director Charles Band himself and he is joined by veteran filmmaker David DeCoteau. The two do a good job talking about the film and its cast. I was a little let down with Charlie himself the guy is a great story teller but he has worked on so many things that he does not remember has much as the fans would like. With that being said I would hope Band will sit down and work on commentary's for his newer films. Never the less they give you a good insight to the film. All though they did not like the sound track and made many points to apologize for it. I say they are wrong the soundtrack brings you into the 70's vibe very well. 

The Heat is on.
In conclusion if you like the 70's or car case movies this is for you. If you just want to visit on of Charles Bands most important films to start his career then this is a must. You will have no trouble getting through 85 minutes. I will be adding Crash! to my collection once it hits Blu-Ray. You can currently see Crash! on Full Moon Streaming and on DVD.
Over all I give Uncle Charlie...

4 Bloody Brains our of 5


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