They hear him! They feel him! But they can't stop him!

The Invisible Man Returns
1940 | B&W | 81 Minutes | 1.37.1 | UR | Horror | 3Channel Stereo | Universal

Director: Joe May

H.G. Wells (characters) 
Joe May (story),

Cedric Hardwicke
Vincent Price
Nan Grey

Geoffrey Radcliffe, the wealthy owner of a coal mining operation, is running out of time. In two hours, he is set to be executed for the murder of his brother, a murder he did not commit. His fiancée, Helen Manson, is frantic. Geoffrey's cousin, Richard Cobb, tells her that he has done everything he can. Geoffrey's only hope is his friend, Dr. Frank Griffin. Griffin's late brother once discovered a secret drug that makes a human being invisible. The only trouble is, it also turns its subject mad. But now Geoffrey, Helen and Dr. Griffin have no other choice. Griffin visits Geoffrey at the prison and administers the drug. Soon Geoffrey, made invisible, is able to escape. As the wily Inspector Sampson of Scotland Yard searches for the escaped convict, Griffin frantically searches for an antidote and Geoffrey frantically searches for the real killer. Time is short. Geoffrey is slowly but surely going insane.

Did you know that this is Vincent Price's first horror film, 13 years before House of Wax (1953) typecast him in the genre. He also provided the voice of the Invisble Man in Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948).

From Svengoolie's blog:

This is a pretty good entry in the Universal “Invisible” series- boasting some distinguished stars like Price and Sir Cedric Hardwicke- as well as nicely-pulled-off special effects for the era. We’ll give you behind the scenes info, and point out an inconsistency or two. This is truly a fun show to wind up our 2014!

“Invisible Man Returns” shows up (oh, lord) tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or, check local listings. Chicago viewers get one more look at the phone fun fright “I Saw What You Did” on our sister station, WCIU, at 11 am.

Speaking of returns- our good friends Steve and Johnnie have returned to WGN radio to do some fill-in during the holiday season- and have kindly invited me to visit with them! So- I’ll drop by 720 AM on Monday at a little after 1 pm to spend some times with my good friends- and I hope you’ll listen in! I’m guessing, if you miss it, it’ll be available as a podcast as well.

Learn the Price of invisibility tonight- as we wrap up our 2014 series of Sven shows!


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