Jay & Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie!
2014 | Color | 64 Minutes | 2.35.1 | NR | Comedy | DTS | SModcast Pictures

Director: Steve Stark

Writer: Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith
Jason Mewes
Eliza Dushku

After winning $10,000,000 from a scratchcard they bought at the Quick Stop, Jay & Silent Bob decides to become superheroes Bluntman and Chronic (a parody of Batman and Robin). They build a secret fortress of solitude beneath RST Video and acquire all the necessary gadgets and accessories to make them ideal crime-fighters. They also hire their own butler, Albert (a parody of Alfred Pennyworth).

Throughout their crime-fighting ordeals, they manage to accidentally create a few super-powered enemies of their own, who together form "The League of Shitters". The League of Shitters consists of Lipstick Lesbian, Dickhead, NewsGroup, Cocknocker, and the Diddler. While at a ceremony in which Bluntman and Chronic are to be awarded the key to the city of Red Bank, The League of Shitters attack the dynamic duo and knock them unconscious. They then attempt to infiltrate the "Bluntcave", resulting in the deaths of NewsGroup and Diddler (they are crushed by a wall that reveals the entrance to the hideout). Lipstick Lesbian mortally stabs Albert in the back and places Bluntman and Chronic into a giant bong that is slowly filling up with water. After leaving the heroes to die, the villains descend upon Red Bank, killing everyone in their path. Albert uses the last of his strength to free the heroes before dying.

Vowing to avenge Albert, Bluntman and Chronic fly to Red Bank in the Blunt Jet to save the city from The League of Shitters' mayhem. An epic fight ensues in which Bluntman subdues Dickhead by tricking him into entering a gay bar and Chronic kills Cocknocker with a broken beer bottle. Lipstick Lesbian draws a gun and attempts to shoot Bluntman and Chronic, but they are miraculously saved by a new heroine, Bluntgirl. Bluntgirl defeats Lipstick Lesbian single-handedly and begins to show romantic interest in Bluntman. Chronic is jealous and expresses his desire for anal sex. Bluntgirl agrees to this, however, she penetrates Chronic with a dildo, much to Chronic's distaste. Bluntgirl asks Bluntman if he's ever experienced anything of the like, to which he replies, "Yeah, when Ben Affleck played Daredevil.". During the credits, it is noted that Jay and Silent Bob will return in Clerks III.

After the credits, Jay and Silent Bob are visited by Stan Lee, who wishes to speak to them about the "Avenger Initiative". Shortly after, they are all picked up by Doc Brown, who requests their help in getting back to the future.

Source: Wikipedia 

Holy Shark repellent Bluntman this movie rocks! I never stopped laughing. I must warn you if you're not a fan of the Clerks movies this might not be your thing. They do a lot of pop culture references throughout there comic book world that they have built. Hell, I'm sure I missed a few references from time to time myself.

From being to end this movie had me rolling on the floor. Is it because I like poop and fart jokes I don't know. Was it the off-color sex jokes well maybe. None the less I had fun and that is all that matters. If you're not a fan I still say check this out you will know I the first 10 minutes if this is for you or not.

5 Bloody Brains out of 5!


  1. Hmm - poop, fart and off color sex jokes - are you sure you weren't watching Bad Santa? May have to give this a try.

  2. Lady M believe it or not I'm not a fan of Bad Santa and I like those odd movies the best. If you do watch it let me know what you think.


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