Owlman strikes again.

Lord of Tears drectior Lawrie Brewster sent me a note letting me know that the owlman has struck again.

Every day visitors arrive, from urban explorers to photographers, at the former morgue of St. Kilda's Hospital. There they discovered the shrine... of the dreaded Owlman!

4 hidden cameras recored what happened and as Brewster put it "The video was produced... mostly... almost.... without incident!"

You can also find out more at their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/lordoftearsmovie

Still looking forward to seeing this movie. I find the Owlman to be pretty freaking cool looking.


  1. "What Would You Do".... First off... we would have home-made explosive device upon us... (Seen too many movies where they get "trapped" inside of the building with the "Monster")... anything comes for me ... it and a section of wall by it will no longer be there ... and we flee out the new hole....

  2. Pretty darn funny - I like the guy who tells Owlman to f@*k off!


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