Back when you had to beat it before you could eat it...


Olive Films is set to bring us Caveman on BluRay this February. I could not get enough of this as a child. I do wonder if it will hold up over time.

The Beatles’ Ringo Starr is Atouk, the caveman of the title. As the leader of a rag-tag group of cavemen considered inferior by a larger group of cavemen, Atouk has his work cut out for him when he sets his sights on the beautiful Lana (Barbara Bach). Trouble is … Lana belongs to Tonda (John Matuszak) the leader of the “superior” cavemen. Undeterred, Atouk sets out to win Lana’s hand while being pursued by the caveman-crazy Tala (Shelley Long) and fending off some very hungry dinosaurs.

Caveman is directed by Carl Gottlieb (screenwriter Jaws).

Release Date: February 17, 2015
Rated: PG
Runtime: 91 minutes
Year Filmed: 1981


  1. I have never seen this so you will have to let me know if it holds up over time.

  2. This is one that we have not thought of in years... the smashing of the giant mosquito on the guy's face and everyone frantically digging through the dino poo (thinking that the poor midget was in there) ... just now those memories brought us a much needed "Smile"...
    ... There are so many "visual gags" in this film (some are more than a bit "lame") but one worth viewing again for a few good laughs... and proved that Ringo should not attempt to make films....

    1. I just remeber Shelley Long being hot to me. But then again I was a young teenage boy at the time lol


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