Nameless! Fleshless! Deathless!

The Mummy's Ghost
1944 | B&W | 61 Minutes | 1.37.1 | UR | Horror | Mono | Universal

Reginald Le Borg

Griffin Jay 
Henry Sucher

Lon Chaney Jr.
John Carradine
Robert Lowery

An Egyptian high priest travels to America to reclaim the bodies of ancient Egyptian princess Ananka and her living guardian mummy Kharis. Learning that Ananka^Òs spirit has been reincarnated into another body, he kidnaps a young woman of Egyptian descent with a mysterious resemblance to the princess. However, the high priest's greedy desires cause him to loose control of the mummy...

The mummy's ghost is part of "Wrapping Up 2014" theme on Svengoolie. I could not think of a better way to enjoy Creepmas this Saturday Night. Did you know when the Scripps Museum security guard comes into the room to confront Yourself Bey, you can see the shadow of the boom mic on the glass door behind him. Or that most of the Egyptians are played by actors who don't look the slightest bit Egyptian.

Also here are a few pictures of the new set.


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