Toy's for the Monster Kid on your list.

Here are a few toys that every Monster Kid hopes to find under the tree!

Scab and Bandage Plush

Wait what I want on of these I did not know they exited.

I know these are a big thing and highly collectible but WTF!

I have no words.

This would be fun I will admit.

Everybody wants Zombie kids.

Wait what? Baby is pregnant too!! 
I don't want to comment on this.
Plush Ovaries nice.

Every Monster Kids starts here.

Oliver's sister?

Yep would be happy if this was under my tree

The sweet smell of Christmas

Yes this is a plush Tampon. Who would by this?? Merry Christmas honey you Bit*%. Just odd.
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  1. OMG Bob - great post - LMAO. That pregnant baby, the plush ovary and plush tampon - really?? Who plays with stuff like that???

    1. Right what is up with that pregnant Baby??

  2. Many of those "odd' plush things are from Asia....
    They even sell toys of fake "road kill" animals as toys....
    ... go figure...


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