Kristofferson and MacGraw...ain't nothin' gonna get in their way!

For many years while working at Suncost Video one of the most sought after DVDs around the holidays was Convoy. The fact was at that time it was not available on anything. Cheesy Flicks eventually put out a DVD-5 that was pressed from the laser disc and sold like crazy. When that went out of print people still looked for it. Not sure why nobody ever picked it up a second time. And I really don't know why it was a big tile in my store.

Well Kino Lorber has revealed their plans to release Sam Peckinpah's 1978 classic big rigs flick Convoy April of 2015. I will be interesting to see what they use for source material as Kino does a great job with their restorations.

Stay tuned kids I will be sure to keep you up to date as more comes available.

Synopsis: Sam Peckinpah's classic road-movie based around the hit song by C.W. McCall. Long-distance trucker Rubber Duck (Kristofferson) is on the run from corrupt sheriff Lyle Wallace (Borgnine). He makes a call on his CB radio asking for assistance from other truckers, many of whom have also fallen foul of Wallace in the past. What follows is a massive truckers' convoy, plenty of CB banter, and a whole lot of smashed-up police cars.


  1. We have the original C. W. McCall album of the song.....

    1. That is cool! I still dig the song to this day.


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