He slaked his thirst with the blood of innocent young virgins

Dracula (The Dirty Old Man)
1969 | Color | 68Minutes | 1.85.1 | R | Comedy | Mono | Something Weird Video

Source: Full Moon Streaming

Director: William Edwards

Writer: William Edwards

Vince Kelley
Ann Hollis
Libby Caculus

Dracula enslaves Dr. Irving Jekyll, turning him into the lycanthropic JackalMan, demanding that he lure female blood donors to his L.A. cabin retreat.

After Mike Vraney passed away one year ago today all the message boards and groups I belonged to lite up with high praise for him. Now I have heard of Something Weird Video in fact I own a few DVDs from them. But I never understood the full story until I read issue #4 of Delirium Magazine. The fantastic article opened my eyes to the work and passion that Vraney had to preserve these lost gems.

I'm not one for Nudie Cuties but after reading about SWV I fired up my Roku and headed over to Full Moon Streaming. This was the first one that I came to and it looked silly enough for me to check out.

I must say what a great way to start. How do I explain this movie. It is a straightforward sex horror film full of nude women bound and bitten on the breast's by a bat. 

But wait don't run away yet!! The best part of this movie is the laugh a minute dubbed over dialogue that I swear they made it up as they went along. And that is the saving grace of this movie! 

Yep this is his home!
The fact that Vraney was able to save these movies for a vault that was going to collapse is a godsend. There are a few gems to be found in the Something Weird catalog. 

The movie opens with Dracula not happy with his cave dwellings but will make due. Upon awaking he is thirsty for blood from women. So some report checking out this pad becomes his jackalmen slave to go get the girls. (Yes this review sounds that bad because the source material was not that good.) Here is a few screen caps to prove it.

Bring me a fest

A peeping Tom Dracula on a stick!

It's so hard to explain this motion pictures even it all comes down to the dialogue I swear you have to take my word for it! And the girls well they never did another movie ever according to IMDB! Its not hard to understand why. I think I would have found a cave to hide it as well.

So look if you have an hour to kill and you're sitting around with the buddies drinking beer then you need to watch this its a hoot! If you like Mystery Science Theater this is right up your alley. No lie I had fun watching this movie its silly its funny and well it has a lot of boob's as well. Thanks Mike for saving this whole world of movies that would have been lost forever.

3 Bloody Brains out of 5

I give up I don't know how to write this review can you tell? So I found a clip that might help.

Dracula The Dirty Old Man by scootaway


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