The Black Castle tonight on Svengoolie

The Black Castle
1952 | B&W | 82 Minutes | 1.37.1 | UR | Horror | Mono | Universal

Director: Nathan Juran

Writer: Jerry Sackheim

Richard Greene
Boris Karloff
Stephen McNally
Lon Chaney

Man investigates the disappearance of two of his friends who were the guests of a sinister Austrian count.

I don't know one lick about this movie other then its a new show for a new year. So watch for the new set.  Looking forward to watching this next week. Sorry this was late had a very busy day.

From Sven's Blog 

“Black Castle'” could be categorized as a sort of 19th Century “Indiana Jones” type story- we’ll point out who the familiar faces in the cast are, along with a few jokes you can see driving up Main Street regarding restaurants- and some scenes redone in Svensurround!

“Black Castle” runs tonight on MeTV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check local listings for time in your area. Chicago viewers get one more look (or not- see, he’s…oh, never mind) at “Invisible Man Returns” on our sister station WCIU- the U- at 11 am!

It’s a new show for the New Year! Join us as we kick off 2015!