Down The Wyoming Trail
1939 | B&W | 56 Minutes | 1.37.1 | G | Action | Mono | Edward F. Finney Productions

Source: Roku ChristmasTV Channel 

Director: Albert Herman

Peter Dixon
Roger Merton

Tex Ritter
White Flash (Yes his horse gets second bill)
Mary Brodel

Tex arrives on the Parker ranch on Christman eve and is given the job of being Santa Claus. Also dressed as Santa Claus, Blackie robs Parker and kills a man. When Tex is arrested for the murder, he escapes and joins up with outlaw Becker and his gang. He finds Blackie's Santa Claus suit but is soon made a prisoner.

Today we finally had a bit of snow, yep the first of the season, and we are not ready to give up on the Christmas Spirit. So after shoveling off the sidewalk and warming up some hot chocolate I was more in the mood for a Christmas special than football. I remember downloading ChristmasTV.com channel on my Roku a little late in the season I know there were a few Christmas shows I still wanted to visit. And being a cowboy that can sit through old westerns I settled for "Down The Wyoming Trail". 

Unfortunately this must have been written for the kids no real plot here. Simple little fist of cuffs no real gun battles and of course Christmas songs. I guess I was expecting a little more action. So Santa robs the payroll shoots a man, man goes to the bar says Santa shot him Tex is dressed as Santa and gets arrested. Thank god the sheriff is his buddy and he gets to walk freely at the jail. This way he can escape making a mad dash for it. The sheriff and his posse run him down and shot him. Well maybe not remember this is a kid special after all. Sheriff waves to Tex and both go separate ways.

Tex finds the robber saves the kid sings a Christmas song and all is well. The video that was shown was pretty washed out and choppy. And many times the sound was off. I did like the special even if it was tame. I really shows that Christmas was pretty simple back in the west. 

Sorry Tex you only get...

2 Bloody Brains for Christmas


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