Killer Puppets Comic's!

Action Lab Entertainment has drafted the cult horror movie franchise Puppet Master as the newest in its growing line of comics titles beginning March 2015. Licensed directly from creator Charles Brand, the Puppet Master comic series sees the menacing marionettes who have evolved from creepy villains to somewhat likable anti-heroes looking to get a life of their own outside of their wooden bodies.

Written by long-time fan (and Action Lab co-founder) Shawn Gabborin and illustrated by Michela Da Sacco, Puppet Master follows in the footsteps of the movie franchise’s ten films while aiming to be new reader friendly for those that haven’t seen the films.

I know my self I have already pre-ordered and can not wait for this it hit the shelves. Full Moon came on strong last year and with the announcement of the Puppet Master Comic fans have been getting excited about a great 2015 as well. 

Here is a look at the new covers as well as a few sample pages.


Also be on the look out for the new Torch Plus set to come out soon.


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