Season Of The Witch

"Season of the Witch" is an early example of psychedelic rock, written and performed by Donovan and was first released in September 1966 on Donovan's album, Sunshine Superman. With the hauntingly eerie guitar riff provided by none other than Jimmy Page. "Season of the Witch" has become a staple on Halloween mixtapes everywhere!

This classic Halloween song has been covered by many including Hole, Lou Rawls and Terry Reid but here are a few others that I enjoy.

We all need a little Joan Jett in our life.

This version by Suck is amazing drawn out version that has no other purpose in life but to smoke a little joint to maybe?

Probably the most popular on this list would be Vanilla Fudge. Yet not my favorite version. So I ask what version makes your cut? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I kinda have a fondness for the version by Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper and Steven Stills from their Super Session lp.

    1. Wow thanks for pointing that one out! I love the different vibe going on!

  2. I think I prefer Donovan's version. Just know it so well, it is weird hearing the others.


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