The Mini Munsters

Ah, the seventies when Saturday Morning cartoons were powerful enough to get a young sleepy head out of bed and not sleep in like today's youth. The magic of cartoons seems to have faded thanks to the likes of Disney Channel and Cartoon Network blasting kid stuff twenty-four seven!

Originally aired as an hour-long special, The Mini Musters gave the world one special treat. This episode was intended to create an animated spin-off of the series that sadly never happened. Thanks to the power of the VHS player somebody captured the half-hour version that aired in the 1980s. So many thanks to the person! 

So cuddle up in your favorite Halloween jammies grab a bowl of Frankenberry and a tall glass of Ghoul Aide its time to travel back to October 27th, 1973 and watch The Mini-Munsters.


  1. I've never heard of that one. You would have thought that would have made it as a Saturday morning series given all of the other TV-related cartoons at the time (I'm looking at you, Brady Bunch Kids).

    1. Nope, never heard of this, either. Going on IMDb, cause I think that was Grandpa's voice, but not Lily, Herman or Eddie.


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