8 Bit Halloween

Even tho Cinefix calls this an 8-Bit video it seems to be more along the lines of 16. But who cares we never received a Halloween inspired game (Other than Charles Bands cash grab on the Atari) this is a fun video of what could have been.

Get ready for Halloween with a digital dose of Michael Myers in glorious 8-bit arcade form. Who would have thought that all of the killing in the classic horror film "Halloween" could be interpreted as "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!"

So here is a quick video of Wizards Halloween

Can you live through the night HE came home? The Boogeyman will get you if you don't watch out! Pulse-pounding paranoia screams in your skull as you run for your life. Every step may be your last as you flee from the things that go bump in the night! Feverish with fear, cold sweat clings to your flesh! How real can an electronic nightmare be? Find out!

Those of you that have lingered on my site in the past know I love Full Moon Video aka Empire aka Wizzard and whatever else he used to rebrand himself. The guy knew how to make a quick buck that is for sure. So why would he not jump on the craze of video games?

Plus how many early video games do you remember that actually had gore? So the big question here would have anybody ever played this bad boy? 


  1. I would have played it. I spent many hours playing the old Raiders of the Lost Ark Atari game, so this would have fit right in there. LOL

    1. I remember playing Raiders on the commodore 64 I dumped so many hours into that game! And yeah I would play Halloween as well.


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