I Put A Spell On You

Although Nina Simone's hit "I Put a Spell on You" real purpose of the song was to inspire black women to define beauty and identity for themselves without the influence of societal impositions during the civil rights movement. The song's power filled with sadness has become a Halloween staple many years later.

As with most great songs, many have covered this classic but none have captured the deep sadness as the original. Probably the most famous cover would be Screamin Jay Hawkins from 1956.

You will never have a problem finding a 70's version of mostly covers from the 50's so here is CCR's version.

And probably the sexiest version by Robyn Adele ft Darcy Wright and Sarah Krauss

With all those covers and much more out there nothing is better than the sultry voice of Nina. Her version will always on my Halloween playlist. 


  1. The CCR version is the one I grew up with. Love those cute witches too!

  2. I agree - nothing quite matches the gravitas of the original!

  3. Good that it still inspires others, but yeah, sometimes there is no topping the original.


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