Proof We Never Grow Up

Who can resist an animated Disney Halloween special narrated by a talking pumpkin that teaches you about Druids? Not me! This famous educational short discusses the origins of Halloween and various superstitions and traditions associated with the best day of the year: October 31. You’ll recognize several classic cartoon skits featured in the eight-minute clip and revisit some of Disney’s greatest villains.

Disney’s Haunted Halloween (1984)

Man, in my opinion, the Seventy's had some of the best Halloween/Christmas specials ever. Most of them are now lost gems that you have to dig up, Well thanks to youtube and all those other streaming sites we get to live out our childhood once again. 

After How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, there was this dark 1977 musical (that’s kind of a prequel), which replaces Halloween with an evening known as “Grinch Night.” It’s filled with the usual Dr. Seuss imagery and puns, but the real nightmare happens when the Grinch opens up his “paraphernalia wagon” to torment a Who named Euchariah. Those surreal, psychedelic scenes have terrified many children since they first appeared on the small screen

Dr. Seuss - Halloween is Grinch Night

Skip Paranormal Activity and watch Daffy Duck as a “paranormalist” who is enticed to a damsel in distress’ house. She’s possessed by an evil spirit, which transforms her into a Linda Blair look-alike at random. Daffy doesn’t let that dissuade him from getting a little closer — at first, anyway. The clip bridges old and new-era Looney Tunes humor and style quite nicely.

And how about one for the new generation of Halloween fans

Peppa Pig Halloween Special

Oh, how we love Peppa Pig! 


  1. Love that there are still Halloween specials made for kids these days, who will one day be looking fondly back on their favorites.

    1. Some of my favorite would be the Disney show's. They seem to do Halloween right.

    2. The Disney related Halloween eps of modern era do seem to be made better than most other but the monster arc on Nick's TMNT was well done as well IMO.

  2. Disney's Haunted Halloween is so cute.

  3. I hate admitting this but I have yet to see Grinch Night (and I even own it own on VHS!) :/
    I do however watch 80s specials every year :)


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