No Clowning Around

Ah, clowns.... they are everywhere right? So what has you down in the dumps young whippersnapper? Oh, I see you can not head to the cineplex and shell out $50 bucks to see "IT" I get it so guess what today I will give you a small list of Free Killer Clown movies to watch today. Most can be watched on your computer or laptop and smartphones. All should be available on your Apple Tv or Roku style devices so pop some corn put your feet up and enjoy a few of these.

Frist up TubiTV 

Kevin Smith and gang were making low-budget flicks before they made low-budget flicks cool! So Brian O'Halloran and buddy Bryan Johnson got together with other buddies after Kevin and Jason left them in the dust to make one hell of a messed up clown flick Vulgar!

A loser with a crummy apartment, an odious mother, and a job that isn't taking him anywhere (kid's clown) gets a new idea. He decides that he's going to be a clown for bachelor parties. He will dress up like a woman clown and play a joke on the groom. After that, the real stripper will come out and everyone will have a good laugh. He goes to his first job (changing his clown name from Flappy to Vulgar). When he opens the door he is knocked cold. What follows is a story of violation, fame, blackmail, and revenge.

This is an incredibly rare and hard to find movie that is well worth the mind F##K that it will take you on!

Margot Kidder and Christopher Plummer in a clown movie when why not? I have never heard of this flick from 1999 so if anybody has seen it let me know in the comments below.

After Kate's friend Monica invites her to help clean up an old opera house where her mother was killed in a play she starred in, she is skeptical. But when the doors suddenly get locked from the outside, she has good reason to be. She starts having visions of her dead mother getting killed down in the basement and everyone starts to see a mysterious clown. When people start dying they decide that they have to get out quick. When the clock hits twelve, someone wants her to be in the final scene with them.

Ok going back to the late seventies before John Candy was a household name in The Clown Murders. 

Four men kidnap an old girlfriend on Halloween night as a joke to ruin a real estate deal, only to have a very real clown-masked killer stalk them seeking revenge.

Although it's a slow burn movie out of Canada it is worth your time just to watch Candy in a horror flick.

How about another great free channel Walmarts VUDU. Wait you do not use VuDu? Well, what are you doing with all those codes that come in your DVD's? Nothing well then email them to me! Anyway, Vudu does have a small section of free content that is really good with some A tiles to go with all the B fluff. 

Writer-Director 'Alex Drummond (II)' had worked with many of the cast members at Gulfstream restaurant in Century City and wrote parts specifically for them.

Nick, an out of work screenwriter, and Mary, a very pregnant struggling actor, are trapped at their baby shower with their equally Hollywood hopeful friends during the onset of a sudden zombie outbreak. Stranded in a tidy suburban home in sunny Los Angeles, the group decides to hunker down until help arrives but there's one problem: they don't know who has been infected until they strike. Not knowing who to trust as their numbers dwindle and with food supplies running low they finally decide to take action. Suited up with duck tape and household weapons the newly emboldened yet lacking group strike out with dramatic fervor as they stumble their way through locked front doors, a misplaced can opener, and deadly zombies to save the day. KILLER PARTY is a three-time festival winner for Best Feature, as well as, winner for Best Comedy, Best Ensemble, and Best Director.

Ok, four clown flicks to keep you busy this weekend!


  1. Clowns have been popping up in places across the country... seem to have begun (this time around) just down the road from here (in upper SC).... Clowns terrorizing folks in the dark... (and Not just for Halloween)...


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