Man's Best Friend Just Got Spooky!

The Great Halloween Puppy Adventure
2012 | color | 1 Hr 20 Min | Family | G | Rapid Heart Pictures

David DeCoteau (as Mary Crawford)

Writer: Andrew Helm

Evan Crooks
Stephanie Shemanski
Kristine DeBell
Eric Roberts
Susan Olsen

Light-hearted family adventure. Linda (Kristine DeBell) and her boyfriend Ted (Eric Roberts), along with Linda's son Adam (Evan Crooks) and girlfriend Molly (Stephanie Shemanski), are looking forward to their Halloween break. But events soon take an odd twist when Ted finds himself inhabiting the body of a loveable bulldog after Molly experiments with a spell found in an old dusty book.

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What the heck did I just watch? I feel dirty for some reason after watching this train wreck. Was this really for kids, because the sexual tension between the charters was a little hard to handle.  How was this a Halloween movie?

So today the weather is cold and dark the perfect time for a Halloween film with the kids. We loved Spooky Buddies and I really like David DeCoteau's low budget entries into the Horror Realm. He is reasonable for Puppet Master 3 of all things! I have seen this movie floating around many of the streaming sites and have always wanted to check it out.

As the opening credits roll (In long form like most Full Moon Features) I was treated to some names that have a nice body of work. Like Harry Manfredini, you know the composer for Friday the 13th. And hitting the editing sweet Danny Draven who directed Reel Evil which is still one of my favorite Full Moon Features. The movie was written by Andrew Helm who seems to look to DeCoteau to direct most of his films also gave us A Talking Cat, Christmas Spirit, and Santa's Summer House. 

Sadly Helm's story is so full holes that you just don't care about any of it. We get a teenager in College that is all about Halloween and his neighbor that is super cute helps with a spell that turns his mom's boyfriend into a dog. This all happens the night before Halloween and The day of but we would not know that from the background or the story thanks to a splash title screen we now know. Not so sure how Halloween play's into the story other than the kid liking Halloween and his girlfriend trying to be a Witch.

To the sexually frustrated mother gets a hair up her but to take a trip on Halloween to a cabin so she can work things out with her boyfriend. You know the ones that the teens just turned into a dog. Well, they all wake the next day to find a calm dog on the couch so they take it with them. Ok, first off if I was just turned into a dog I would not be this calm or happy! And once we get to the cabin (That takes forever in a long montage of roads with the three of them dubbed over so boring) we get some really odd scene of both couples. First Mom and the Dog pretty much make love through heavy petting and dog kisses but yet the dog is a female and the last time I checked Eric Roberts was a dude. This was so creepy and hard to watch I mean she gets down on the ground and eats grass with the dog! 

Conveniently the other couple walks to the cabin next door that seems to know our college friend. She also seems to know the fact that she is a witch just like her. The new witch is played by Cindy Brady herself Susan Olsen. And thank god for her she was my favorite part of the whole story. So was so wacky and hippy like that she played her role perfectly. She tells the kids how to reverse the spell and they race back home to do so, you know because it is Halloween duh.

So lack of real storyline along with poor acting and a sesame street score that was so wrong matched with no real reason to call this a Halloween type of movie this was one of the worst things I have ever witnessed. Skip this at all cost's! If you have seen it let me know what you thought in the comments below. 


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