Fastway Trick Or Treat

You would think with a great 80's sound Fastway would have found their way into more hearts of a young rock fan base. Sadly they will always be known for the great soundtrack to the 80's slasher Trick Or Treat. So to kick off Music Mondays this month leading in with "Trick Or Treat" by Fastway.

But never fear Dave King would go on to form and front the widely successful Los Angeles-based Celtic punk band Flogging Molly, where he continues to this day.

 Fastway was a British rock band formed by guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke, formerly of Motörhead, and bassist Pete Way, formerly of UFO.


  1. We listen to the "Trick-or-Treat" soundtrack often ,...

  2. They should have been bigger in the 80s but I never heard of them until seeing the movie.


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