It's Volleyball Season!

Well, here we go again back to the grind. TCA actually opened their season last week against a bigger school and lost in 2 matches. But this week the Saint's went to battle with Holly Cross of Mendota breezing through an easy victory in the first match they found themselves back on their heels during the second match.

I'm not so sure what got into Lainey as she went off for 7 points in the first game and four in the second. That second match found the home team struggling a bit but never losing out on the teamwork aspect. Sometimes the ball just does not bounce your way as Mendota found the sweet spot on the line as they fought back to win the second game.

The third match had both teams fighting hard for the win. At one point Lainey was on a six-point run at the line when Holy Cross called time out. It's funny because at home I always use sports terms that drive my kids nuts. When Lainey missed her next serve she knew it and on the drive home she was complaining that they called a time out on her and it goofed her up I turned to her and said "Yeah they Iced you" to her groans I got back "Oh Dad!".

Unfortunately, that was enough for Holy Cross to mount their comeback getting within one late in the game. Up buy one the fight continued back and forth with Holy Cross prevailed in a 16-14 victory.  The girls played hard and had fun this time around once these girls shake off the cobwebs they will be a force to be reckoned with!