"You Better Work"(Out)

As always here in Illinois the weather goes from 33 degrees to 80 overnight. But that is fine with me it has been a long drawn out winter and its time to get outside! It also means we can get out and walk again!! This year we have been doing a pretty good job of exercising as a family. Of course to break out the monotony of looking at the same thing all the time you need music to drive you through the long walk. So what has been driving my ears to move my body lately? Here are a few for you to check out.

First up Bobaflex and School For Young Ladies, sure this is an old song but it really get's the blood pumping!

Next up the hard rocking Falling In Reverse Sexy Drug. No, I promise there is not a theme going on here. I just love how the song flow's keeping that fast pace beat that you need to keep move. 

I'm so glad Blowing for Soup has not quite and best of all they went back to there roots for the new album Drunk Dynasty. I could listen to the whole album when I'm working out but some of it slow's down from time to time. On my current workout list, tho is She Used To Be Mine.

Last one for today Nathaniel Rateliff's gem that I just can not take off of my list and has been on for a while now... I Need Never Get Old. 

Ok so I hope just maybe some of these tracks will get you moving. If not let me know in the comments below what does get your tail-waggin'? I'm always up for a new song. 


  1. Yes, I'm going to point it out. That's quite the Freudian slip you made in referencing "Blowing for Soup," lol!


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