Go Speed Racer Go!

Speed Racer Race to the Future
2016 | Color | 1 Hr 9 Min | Anime | G | Toonz Ent.
Robert H. "BOB" Fuentes III

Simon Shocket
Nitzan Sitzer
Gabriella Lewis
Zach Cohen

When a bolt of lightning hits their car, Speed and the gang find themselves 50 years in the future! Go, Speed Racer, Go!

Do you remember the god-awful Speed Racer Movie from 2008 staring the yummy Christina Ricci? If so do you remember saying to your self it could not get any worse than this? Well, kid's I'm here to tell you it does. Race to the Future is an Indian-American flash animated film based on Tatsuo Yoshida's Speed Racer manga franchise. And unlike Toonz's work on the second season of Speed Racer: The Next Generation, Race for the Future is set in the universe of the original animated series. Yep, I'm lost too and fear not it does not get any better.

Right out of the gate this movie could have dropped me to my knee's and scream why!!! The opening song... grrrr why would they change the iconic song like they did it hurt my ears so bad and put me in a lousy mood immediately. Even the movie changing the music up a bit was not bad nor that awful remake in the nineties but a rap group was not this bad but here it is screaming kill me.

Unlike using the anime-style tradition, which the Speed Racer series was known for, the film utilizes a different style of animation and it is not easy to watch. Flash Animation was cool way back in early days of video games but now not so much. They looked so goofy and chopping it really takes you out of the story and for me drove me a little crazy. Although this is what kids like these days yet I can not see any child sitting through a story about the future that talk's way above there heads. 

I don't like to be negative when I talk about a film or tv show but sadly I can not come up with anything nice side to say about this. It's sad I love Speed Racer but this is a skip it at all cost's kind of show. This was on Con-Tv but I believe it is also free on Vudu but do not I repeat do not pay money to rent this one as you will not get your money back.

Sorry Speedy

One Infinity Gauntlet out of 5