The terrifying truth about flying saucers!

Earth Vs The Flying Saucers
1956| B&W | 1 Hr 23 Min | Sci-Fi | TV-14 | Columbia

Fred F. Sears

Bernard Gordon 
George Worthing Yates

Hugh Marlowe
Joan Taylor
Donald Curtis

While driving through the desert with his wife Carol Marvin to a military base to send the eleventh rocket into Earth orbit to assist the exploration of outer space in Operation Sky Hook, Dr. Russell A. Marvin and Carol see a flying saucer and accidentally records a message on their tape recorder. Once in the base, Dr. Russell is informed by his father-in-law and general that the ten first satellites mysteriously fell back to Earth. When Dr. Russell decodes the message, he encounters the aliens, who ask him to schedule a meeting with the leaders of Earth in Washington in 56 days in order to invade Earth without panicking the population. Dr. Russell develops an anti-magnetic weapon that becomes the last hope of the human race against the hostile aliens.


  1. I remember when UFOs used to be called Flying Saucers. Man, I'm getting old, lol!


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