Mad Families will just make you Mad!

Mad Families
2017 | Color | 1 Hr 30 Min | Comedy | NA | Crackle

Fred Wolf

David Spade
Fred Wolf

Charlie Sheen
Leah Remini
Naya Rivera

Synopsis: Mad Families centers on three families - one Hispanic, one African American, one Caucasian - who find themselves sharing the same camping space on a Fourth of July holiday weekend. When none of them volunteer to vacate the site, they try to figure out a way to cohabitate peacefully but eventually decide on a series of competitions to determine a winner. As the families face off in a series of hysterical contests, the brassy, biting Charlie quips and complains his way through the great outdoors, but ultimately, with the help of his fellow campers, ends up realizing what's most important in life.

You know what they say the more stars in a movie the more it will suck, as is the case with Mad Families. Fred Wolf has written a few gems in his day like Black Sheep and Joe Dirt but He and David Spade for some reason tried to write a family movie about racism into a comedy. What The Hell!

This movie tries so hard to be too many things is it a family movie, and buddy movie, maybe a coming of age movie I still do not know myself. Under the layers of "your mama" jokes seems to be a heartfelt story that never develops. I think the message here is we can all get along if we sit around the campfire telling ethnic jokes to see who is funnier. But for some of us, we should have been telling the story of the families that sadly gets lost in the background.

Only saving grace for this film is the woman and their chatter in the background. They bounce their lines off of one another like true actors where the men are doing there best to outdo themselves. In fact what little screen time  Leah Remini and Tiffany Haddish have is not enough they are wonderful together and the only time I laughed is when they were on the screen. It's a shame they wasted this talent on a story that could have followed a much better path. 

I never watched Glee but Naya Rivera is wonderful to watch when she came on screen she really picked up this movie put it on her shoulders and tried really hard to fix the bad punchlines by herself. She was truly a joy to watch and again did not get enough time to build on her character. I keep forgetting this was a macho man movie, right?

Well under it all we get some sweet moments but they are covered up by all the testosterone fuel of racism, bad acting, and terrible humor. And why, why make a movie that builds on ethnic jokes giving the wrong people more reason to spew there hate towards others? Mad Families is free on Crackle and honestly, if you get past the men there is a good movie deep down inside of the trash can called Mad Families so it is worth the look if you really have nothing better to do. I wish they would have picked a different road on this one it really could have been a good summer movie.

2 Turkey Leg's out of 5