Creepy Claus

Santa is that Rudolph in your pants?

Gang Banger Santa?

Santa Killed Victoria!

Yep I got nothing!

Bail out leave your sister behind! Run!!

I think this is my favorite picture ever!

The band bracelets through the whole outfit together.

That is one cold party!
I hope you guys enjoyed the countdown to Creepmas this year I know I did. Make sure to come back through out the month I have a few movie reviews to cover and maybe a Holiday Special or two. Also take a moment to comment on a few other bloggers that took part in Creepmas you can find the list over at  also make sure to stop back in April for the A to Z blog challenge. Merry Creepmas everybody have a wonderful Holiday.

It Came From The Man Cave!


  1. Oh, c'mon! "Don we now our gay apparel" for the guy doing the splits. No one would blame you for saying it!

  2. That is probably the most creative Rudolph I’ve ever seen. The only way that could any better is if his nose lit up.


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