My Top 5 Christmas Specials

Even with my girls getting older we still find time to sit and watch Christmas Specials together. I have a handful that I just have to watch every year so I thought why not rank them in order of must see! Now there will be no Rankin-Bass on this list and that does not say that we do not love them and we do watch most of them every year this is just a list of "I must see these or it's just not Christmas to me" specials.

Number 5

Prep and Landing will be the newest special on the list coming out in 2009. Wayne gets a new rookie partner, Lanny, after his previous partner got the promotion he wanted. Lanny has to remind Wayne of the Spirit of Christmas and the importance of being an elf in Santa's Prep and Landing elite unit. We just love watching this one and it is one that we do not have on DVD so we always have to watch for it to be on. Full of Disney cheer this special is sure to warm your heart and put you into the holiday spirit. The did make a second one that falls a little flat still worth watching but in this household, we feel ok with skipping it as well.

Number 4

If you have not seen Holly Hobbie and Friends Christmas Wish and you have girls I must suggest that you track this down and watch it. This came out when my oldest was of a much younger age. It was magical she would sit in my lap and we would watch this one together. It is such a great story that when she would say can we watch it again I could! And that says a lot about a kids show.

Holly Hobbie celebrates Christmas together with the "Hey Girls" --- Amy Morris and Carrie Baker. Together, they help a widow and her two sons.

Number 3 

Ok, I might catch some flack for this one but ever since the first time I watched South Park and it was the first Christmas special and yes I laughed my ass off and the non-political correctness that was South Park. So every year it is a must watch for me and next year I can sure this with my oldest!

Number 2

Wally P. Nezzer, the owner of the Nezzer Toy Factory, has a new toy this Christmas... Buzzsaw Louie! Push its nose, and it tells you the True Meaning of Christmas... getting presents! One of the Buzzsaw Louie toys doesn't like that idea and goes in search of the REAL True Meaning of Christmas.

How do you go from South Park to this well you live in this crazy mixed up house! We love Buzzsaw Louie and sing along to this very dated looking Christmas Speical. In fact, I just pulled out the DVD as we plan on watching it today.

You can find this to watch pretty easy on the internet it is worth it if you can. The DVD comes with the original broadcast that they should here the Chicago market. I remember watching it with my grandma back then, So much fun and so dang cute!

Ok, time for number one! And I'm pretty sure this is on the list of many you that stop by the cave, This one still brings tears to my eyes!

Emmet Otter and his Ma are dirt-poor, but very happy and good singers. But as Christmas is around the corner, both of them want to get something special for each other. And the talent show prize is $50! So, Ma gets a song ready, and Emmet forms a jug-band with his friends. But the Riverbottom Gang, a bunch of rich kids with killer electric band equipment are going to be tough competition.

I'm singing the tunes in my head right now! Oh and you are too!! For years I have hunted for the HBO version that was hosted by Kermit the frog to the point my wife thought I was nuts! Finally for the first in years they played that version last year and it has been on my TiVo ever since and I will never leave. My sister and I watched this every time it was on way back in 1977!!

Emmet Otter is per gold and deserves more love! Everybody thinks of Santa Clause is coming to town or Charlie Brown and his dang tree but not many talk about this gem. So if you will excuse me I need to go cut down my Christmas branch.

Merry Christmas my friends!


  1. Gosh, I haven't seen that Emmet Otter special for years!


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