The Reign OF Me

So Xbox just emailed me my crest and game stats for the past year. It's pretty cool I'm definitely a casual gamer. And as far as my most played game Roblox that is my girls I'm not sure I have ever played it, to be honest. For me it has to be World of Tanks just can not put it down. Sure I stink at it but still a great time waster that allows me to relax.

I never worry about my gamescore when I still play a kick ass Pac-Man.

Xbox really needs to get off thier ass and give us a good Baseball game again this year I will be playing an old MLB game! I bought RBI just a few weeks ago and it sucks so bad. But I will stick with it for a bit more but I'm not holding my breath.

Achievements are what the Xbox community is all about and I still lag behind. I don't play a game just to unlock something. All though I do get a kick out of them and I have found myself going back once and a while to unlock something new. My view on this might change this year we will see. 

That is pretty funny that I have only spent 6 more hours on Xbox live this year compared to last. As you can see I'm really just a casual gamer. I love to throw a game on to relax so I play a lot of sport games and RTS games like Tropico.  So there you have I think I will do a best of Xbox 2016 post in the next few weeks.


  1. That's pretty cool. Is the crest customized for each person. I mean aside from the text

    1. They emailed me the crest but after clicking on it you can customize it but I left mine alone lol.


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