Quest for Fire meets Rock 'n' Roll High School

B.C. Butcher
2016 | Color | 51 Minutes | Horror | R | Troma

Kansas Bowling

Kansas Bowling
Kenzie Givens

Kadeem Hardison
Kato Kaelin
Leilani Fideler

When a tribe of cave-women imparts cruel justice on one of their own their fate takes a turn for the worst. After discovering and falling in love with the corpse sacrificed by the girl-gang, alone wandering giant of prehistoric myths is inspired to homicide. Consequently, the cave-women are menaced by the heartbroken and bloodthirsty cave-brute with a grudge, and the prophetess among them is ignored when she predicts the tragic outcome.

At the young age of 17, Kansas Bowling took her love for horror films, a low-end 16mm camera and set off to direct her first flick. Troma was quick to pick this up for distribution as Bowling had all the buzz in many of the horror driven message boards. I remember hearing about B.C. Butcher on the Shock Waves podcast and have been dying to see it ever since. So how did she do? Read on my followers read on....

Kansas directing her young cast.

When you have no budget you truly rely on your script and actors and doing a prehistoric flick gives you more bang for your budget right? Sure, but what really impressed me was the use of camera angles. You can really tell Bowling did her homework when it came to set up shots. The acting was ok I'm not going to complain all though the lead actress seemed over the top at times but it's fine I got past it. The special effects are quirky on purpose with silly fake snakes cut in with real snakes and well, stuffed animals as well. But before you grown about it somehow it works on a silly Troma level. The blood is very minimal and straight out of Jr. High Film school but you get the point. The Butcher's make up for what it was worked. Sure it was a guy in a mask but Bowling angles again at times you could not tell.  

The soundtrack for the movie seems to be what stick's out for many of the fans. We are treated to a handful of tracks by the Punk Band The Ugly Kids. Including a live performance that played off the likes of the Flinstones as they used Bones, sticks, and fruit to play. No, really they channeled Pebbles and Bam Bam and it worked. Really one of my favorite scenes. 

Let's talk about the star of the film for just a second, shall we? Kato Kaelin is a jackass and I can not stand the guy. But here he is being all playful and gritty having fun with this movie, made it hard for me to not like him for a brief moment. I'm also grateful he is not in the movie very long. Kadeem Hardison, you know the dad from K.C. Undercover? No, well how about Beat Sreet? Anyway all he really does is narrates the movie and does it well. We also get a young up and comer Leilani Fidler how was in Melrose Place and Pretty Little Liars. The point is this movie wants to be serious not some fly by night flick. Money was spent to make B.C. Butcher even if at times you can not tell.

I would love to sit here and tell you to watch this flick but I'm having a hard time doing so. If you are a fan of Troma you will see right through the low budget and most likely enjoy this very short and silly cavewoman movie. But for the casual viewer, you would hate my guts after checking it out. But with that said it is worth looking into on a raining day just for the fact that Kanas Bowling found a way to make this movie at a young age of 17! 

For me I have to give it...

3 Bloody Brains out of 5


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