Bad Mary

Ravenwolf Towers: Bad Mary
2016 | Color | 33 Min | Sci-Fi Horror | R | Full Moon Empire

Directed by: Charles Band

Written By: Charles Band

Shiloh Creveling 
Michael Citriniti 
Rosemary Brownlow

The legendary Ravenwolf Towers, once home to Hollywood’s Elite has fallen on hard times. 

Now the latest Assistant Manager is discovering the Hotel's terrifying secrets; secrets that hide in the shadows of its dark corridors and lurk behind its locked doors--Mad Doctors, Degenerate Monstrosities, Inbred Horrors, Terrified Guests who disappear without a trace -- and an Alluring Damsel in Distress – why may just be the most terrifying resident of -- the Ravenwolf Towers.

EPISODE 1: BAD MARY - Young Jake has just acquired a new job as the ‘assistant manager’ at the sinister RAVENWOLF TOWERS. He quickly finds himself facing an assortment of strange residents – a diminutive Vampire Hunter, a Mad Doctor with lethal secrets and a beautifully seductive Maiden – who may just be the Ravenwolf’s most lethal occupant.

Finally, something from Full Moon to truly get excited about! Ravenwolf Towers has serious potential that I hope Charles Band can keep it going this strong through the seven episodes that are on the schedule. 

After the success of Trophy Heads Band heads back to the studio for another episodic tale. This time dealing with a bit of Sci-Fi and a creepy atmosphere that seems to be right up his alley. It's only episode one and he is already dragging you deep into his vision. The set looks great and pop's off the screen when it needs to and grows dark in all the right places. You get drawn in within the first few minutes of this flick! 

Not only does the setting suck you in but Band hits a home run with is misfit cast once again. Leading the creep factor has to be Maria Olsen. As if she was not creepy enough in Trophy Heads she will have you guessing your sanity in this one. I'm not sure what it is about her but wow top of the line creepy! We also get introduced to Evan Henderson who play's the assistant Manager something about his acting style drew me to his character. He is dull yet full of life (?) you can see he has potential to grow into this role!

We are also treated to Tom Devlin's 1313 FX studio doing the special effects. I really like Devlin's work and it shines well in Ravenwolf. In fact, we get something in a Full Moon feature that has been kind of absent lately and that would be bloody gore! And we get to see that in the first few minutes! He also brings to the show some pretty cool gadgets to go along with his makeup. 

Also returning is younger brother Richard Band with yet another awesome score! When the credits first hit the screen I was in awe with the great sound's coming out of the speakers! And as the show went on the creepy sounds and score really bring you into the mix. This will be a must buy soundtrack when or if it gets a release. 

Full Moon Features

With a fantastic setting interesting storyline, a good looking cast to go along with some good special effects Ravenwolf Towers is defiantly worth looking into. The first episode hits on all cylinders sucking you into this strange world. I looking forward to the second episode coming soon I just hope it holds up to the first one. We have so much to learn about this fun house of a hotel. 

Ravenwolf Towers you got me...

4 bloody brains out of 5


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