WoT Toy Tank Mode

Boy, nothing like an old man getting excited about playing with tanks on Christmas. If you have been reading my blog lately you know how addicted to World Of Tanks I have become. Even my wife is starting to get sick of it but that's ok she will live.

As fun as it looks driving around in a plastic Tank got old really fast. In fact, I could only play for a short time before just shutting down the Christmas tree and fired up the big tanks. You only get to play one map and it is pretty small and not giving you a lot of room to hide out. It is also cute when you blow somebody up and the top pop's off but that is about it. I played maybe thirty minutes and had fun with it. I'm sure I will dive into this again when it rolls around for next year.

Toy Tanks I give you...

3 Ninja Santas out of 5


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