One Bit to Ruin Them all...

Angry Video Game Nerd The Movie
2014 | Color | 1hr 54 Min | Sci-Fi Comedy | R | Cinemassacre Productions

Kevin Finn
James Rolfe

Kevin Finn
James Rolfe

James Rolfe
Jeremy Suarez
Sarah Glendening

The AVGN must overcome his phobia of the worst video game in the world to save his fans.

YouTube star James Rolfe decides to give his fans a full-length feature but was that a good idea or a bad idea read on my readers read on...

Best part of this flick Sarah Glendening Shwing!

Ever since the Nerd series premiered on YouTube in 2006, James Rolfe was interested in somehow turning this concept into a movie. Now his YouTube videos are down right fantastic with pretty high production standards. And when the movie started I was buying into it as Rolfe did not venture from the charter he invented. The inspiration for the movie centers around the infamous 1982 Atari Game E.T. that single handily took down the video game world back in 1983. In fact, Howard Scott Warshaw makes a cameo appearance in this film.

In fact, this film is full of YouTube cameo's that are pretty darn funny. And if you follow the ring of YouTubers they are pretty easy to spot. One of the best has to be Whitney Moore from the Birdemic franchise and is used in this movie as a "bird" getting married. Bird being a running joke in the movie. We also get a quick look at Uncle Lloyd Kaufman playing E.T. on his Atari. The cast is defiantly a who is who with the main charters being the very easy on the eyes soap opera star Sarah Glendening and Jeremy Suarez of Bernie Mac fame.  

As far as the set goes it is not too bad for such a low budget yet nothing too crazy as most effects were done with a green screen or rear projection. The special effects are a nice nod to his original series and a throwback to the 80's. But as far as a big screen movie at times leaves you scratching your head. Most effects just do not work. 

Not much of a soundtrack as well we do get a guest appearance from his buddies Mike Matei and Kyle Justin singing us a ditty at the landfill. The rest of the soundtrack was done by Bear McCreary (Cloverfield Lane, Walking Dead) sadly I do not remember much of it so is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Sadly I can not recommend AVGN to many people being a fan of his web series I was excited to catch this but sadly if falls really short. With a super long run time of almost two hours, I found myself falling asleep from time to time. And a few times I would pause the movie get up and do laundry or something. I was hard to sit through. I did not hate it but ugh it was not worth much of my time. 

2 Ninja Santa's out of 5


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