Trolls, Muppets and Ducks!

Time to get back to normal now that Halloween is over. Picked up some random things this past week. First up...

I could not pass up Troll 2 on Blu-Ray for $5.00! It is not that bad of a movie and a big part of our lifestyle. My wife grabbed 101 Horror Movies for me a great gift to cap off Halloween.

Only two VHS tapes caught me eye this week. First up this odd looking Muppets Classic Theater clamshell with 6 fairy tales that take a wacky twist. I have never seen or heard of this so I picked it up and hope to review it later this month. The second was Duckmen Bloodline 9 they also had #8 as well, but I only picked up one (Thank God review will be up Wednesday) it was not the Duck Dynasty that we all know. And last...

I have no clue who he is or from what I just thought he looked like an Elvis style, Frankenstein. If anybody can help me identify him please comment below. That is it this week and like I said check back Wednesday for my VHS review on that duck tape...if I can finish it anyway.


  1. I knew that guy is from Beetleborgs but I had to search to find out his name is Flabber (

  2. 101 horror movies - that will give you a lot of fodder for the blog in coming months. I think that guy looks like Jay Leno - like circus Leno.

    1. I'm kind of shocked at how many I Have already seen!


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