Oh, God!

Not a lot of time to run out to thrift stores and well garage sale season is over, but I did manage to pick a few things up. First up...

Oh, God starring George Burns, we watched this movie so many times on HBO that I'm pretty sure I will know it line by line still. Growing up was so much fun when you could watch this followed by Poltergeist. Next up and staying on the religious theme this VHS caught my eye.

The first thing that called my name was Hanna-Barbera and then to see Vincent Price along with Helen Hunt!! Sold!! I'm not familiar with this show and I'm one of those that does believe in Christmas and not just the presents aspect I'm looking forward to watching this. (After Thanksgiving of course) And while in the VHS section how could I pass up on this,

Nobody can go wrong with a little Hello Kitty and Christmas and it was only a quarter so this cheap ass had no problem picking it up. I'm sure the girls will be watching this soon. So that is it nothing to great so for now I just need to get a RED cup of coffee and settle into to some Christmas Cheer.


  1. I remember "Oh God" being hilarious when I saw it in the theatres all those many years ago!

  2. Poltergeist is in my top four scary movies. The real Poltergeist, not that new one they put out.


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