Rankin/Bass and Charlie Band this weeks pick ups!

Some totally random stuff this week, first up my Full Moon Halloween sale items came. Well one of them my Puppet Master soundtrack is on back order. But I picked up Trophy Heads on Blu this is the movie I helped produce so we will see if my name makes the credits.

They did send me a free gift as well Urban Evil which happens to be 3 of their movies chopped up to make one Trilogy. Eh, it was nice of them to send a gift anyway.

Now the thrift shop I go to was having a VHS sale 5 for a dollar it took me a while to find 5 so here is what I grabbed.

These are the two tapes that made me have to hunt for more. First the R.L. Stine movie looks pretty cool from the front and back cover. It is currently fetching $4.75 in the collectors market. The Watcher in the Wood's grabbed my attention it looks like the video store had this in the Horror section. All though this was a Disney movie and rated PG! The movie itself came out in 1980 so I hope to watch this one soon. This tape is valued at $10.49 so not a bad find.

So I was tired of looking around and decided on Not Like Us (A sexy, horror-filled story featuring two gorgeous aliens who move into a small American town.) and Captain America along with a Christmas tape that seems to have been missed placed already round out the sale. I'm not sure about Not Like Us I should have read the box more clearly chance's of me watching that one are slim. It does sell for $7.98 so maybe I will put it up on Ebay. Unless one of you want to trade for it, let me know. Cap's artwork was cool so I picked it up and when I got home to find out its value is $24.00 and upward! Pretty happy about that for a last second grab.

Now this one was a new title to me. It is a Rankin/Bass special that I'm not sure I have ever seen. It's from 1975 so unless it only aired once I feel like I should know about this. I know my wife is going to kill me buying another Christmas movie, but I'm very intrigued by this and I will be ripping the cellophane off it tonight! Yes, I'm going to watch a Christmas special before Thanksgiving.

Ok well, that was it for this week with black Friday looming who know's what I might pick up for next week!


  1. Can you really ever have too many Christmas movies? My sympathies to your wife.


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