Countdown to Halloween wrap up.

So I thought it would be fun to take a look at my top 10 post's for the Countdown to Halloween celebration.

10. Witchhouse  Looks like many of my reviews and VHS post's garnered the most views this year.

9. Music Monday Tourist Trap

8. Lil Creepers Family Video review. This one kind of shocks me goes to show we all love our Halloween Specials.

7. Elvira host's Hideous. Not to surprised here when you hear about Elvira during Halloween we all get a little smile growing across our faces.

6. Princess Zombie's will never die. No really this post from 2012's May Monster Madness has had over 3,304 views making it the most viewed post on my site!

5. It's always fun to check out Scream Queens!

4. Dracula and his Record and Book read along!

3. Hellraiser ad from the early 90' or late 80's this one is still getting shared on Google Plus today.

2. The mistress of the Dark is back once again hosting Shrunken Heads. Elvira and Shrunken heads I bet you don't hear that often.

And number one of course for 2 years in a row.

Vintage Halloween Stencils  from last year.

Thanks again for all that has stopped by during the month of October. Look forward to it again next year.


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