A Man Cave Rewind: Ultraman!

1966 | Color | 30 Min | 1.33:1 | G | Mono | Sci-Fi Family | Tsuburaya Productions

Source: ConTV

Susumu Kurobe
Sandayû Dokumamushi
Masaya Nihei

The series begins when the heroic alien Urutoraman pursues an alien menace to Earth. In the pursuit, he collides with Hiyata, an officer of the Science Patrol who is investigating the chase. To make amends for the accident, the alien gives his life force to the human along with his regular form and powers should he ever need it. Thus, Hiyata is returned to Earth alive and merged with the alien. This linking proves to be a most fortuitous event as the monster being pursued is but the first of a wave of destructive monsters and aliens that attack the planet. 

Hiyata investigates sightings of these beasts as part of the Patrol who fights these threats with the advanced weapons at their disposal. However, the monsters often prove too strong for the Earth forces to stop. When that happens, Hiyata uses a beta capsule given to him by the alien. When he activates it, he transforms into the giant superhero, Urutoraman, who has the power necessary to protect Earth.

Sometimes the women in this house just take over. I guess that happens when your out numbered. So I always take the time to head down to the Cave and hang out in peaceful nerd nirvana. So last night I was feeling a little nostalgic looking for something to watch. I'm not ready for all the Christmas junk just yet so when I stumbled on to Ultraman I thought hey why not give this a go. I remember enjoying the show quite a bit when I was younger and wondered if the show aged well. 

To my surprise rubber monsters still give me a thrill and a smile! Sure it is a little silly with today's special effects but from growing up with these great giants I will admit this was still fun to watch.

Really not much to say about the acting they do their part just fine and the actors who work the dubbing are on par with the rest. The space gadgets still work for me as well adding to the fun 1960's vibe and their groovy outfits. 

I still enjoy the forced perspective as well while the monster crashes down on model houses and walks around little tree's and mountains. In this episode, they went under water as well that looked pretty amazing. 

Believe it or not, I have only one small complaint the fight scene was a little week from what I remember. I will keep into consideration this was the pilot episode so they were just getting their feet wet. All in all, it was fun to sit back and watch and episode of Ultraman and I will check out a few more. But for now I wish I could get the theme song out of my head.


  1. I loved Ultraman. I watched it everyday when I got home from half-day kindergarten. I came home at noon. I'd eat lunch and watch Green Acres, then Ultraman and Johnny Sokko. I had these on dvd at one time. I'll have to look for them again.

    1. I remember this more on Saturdays with Clutch Cargo, G-Force, and Voltron! I love Green Acres by the way.

    2. Was Clutch Cargo on the Ray Rayner show?

    3. YES!! I loved Ray Rayner he was the only reason I got out of bed early on school days lol!!

  2. So what do you mean by "the women in the house take over?" Were they forcing you to watch "Say Yes to the Dress" or something?

    1. More like Honey Boo Boo and Dance Mom's ugh! And the countless number of reruns on the Disney Channel lol!

    2. Ha! Ha! I was gonna say Dance Mom's!!!


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