VHS Wednesday with the Duckmen

Duckmen 9 Bloodline
2005 | Color | 70 Min | 1.33:1 | PG | Stereo | Sports | Duck Commander

From the flooded timber of Louisiana to the corn fields of Washington State and on to Montana, join the family of Duckmen as they pursue their first love- DUCKS. Listen to their exact hen calling skills and watch in awe at their phenomenal shooting skills. The Duckmen are a breed apart, for sure! Become one with them as they do what they to best- CHASE 'EM DUCKS!

Ok, Ok calm down and admit it most of you watched the train wreck tv show Duck Dynasty. I don't watch much TV and I watched the dang show. So when I found an odd looking VHS tape with them on it before they were stars I thought hey why not! The first five minutes fills the screen with ducks floating in the air and then suddenly falling from the sky. At first I thought hey not bad these boys can really shoot. Then more of the same for almost ten minutes now. Hmm, I'm not much of a hunter and I seem to have been wrong about this tape.

I honestly thought I was getting a video about their product and the long line of duck calls and how they worked. Instead, I was watching a home movie that they had to have put together themselves. Now if this is what lead them to be famous then good for them and it seems like hunters everywhere love this thing just like kids watched CKY videos. So with the simple fact that I have never shot a gun much less have held one I found this to be greatly boring and could not wait for it to end. I did a lot of fast-forwarding. The video itself was not bad but seems to be filled with more shooting than anything. The whole crew shows up when they focus on them so that was neat to see. Other then that tho you have to be a hunter to care. 

I like finding these odd VHS tapes sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. Also at the beginning of the year I had said I would like to do video reviews well for some reason I did one for this tape. It's kind of raw and not really the way I wanted it to turn out but for my first go and pushing myself to do it you get this...

So be honest with me about the video I might do another and take more time to do it time will tell! As for Uncle Si and crew, I can only go with...

1 Bloody Brain


  1. Wow - as a bird watcher who loves seeing ducks in the wild, watching them fall dead out of the sky is not that entertaining.


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