The Gill-Man tonight on Svengoolie

Creature From The Black Lagoon
1954 | B&W | 79 Min | 1.85:1 | G | Mono | Horror | Universal

Jack Arnold

Harry Essex

Richard Carlson
Julie Adams
Richard Denning

A scientific expedition searching for fossils along the Amazon River discover a prehistoric Gill-Man in the legendary Black Lagoon. The explorers capture the mysterious creature, but it breaks free. The Gill-Man returns to kidnap the lovely Kay, fiancée of one of the expedition, with whom it has fallen in love.

Sven's favorite Universal Monster (and Mine) is back tonight “Creature from the Black Lagoon” surfaces tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check your local listings for time and channel (and, if you need help locating your MeTV station- please go to and click on the “where to watch” link- check the map there or enter your zip code for full details.) In Chicago, viewers can get a second look at “Tarantula” on WCIU, the U, at 11 am.

I'm looking forward to Tarantula tonight I have not seen that movie in a long while.


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