What moive kicks off your 4th of July?

Ever since I can remember the 4th of July has been a big summer movie weekend. And as we plan on hitting the multiplex for some Inside Out this weekend here are a few of the movies I like to revisit to get in the Independence Day mood.

Nothing gets the American blood flowing like Rocky can!

And that's a fact, Jack!

The Cap screams America!

Yeah, Stallone is a true American Hero!

Nothing better than a little horror for the Holiday.

Sandlot captures my childhood to a T, but the night game during the 4th of July is amazing. Who would not want to pull that off!! 

Nothing screams Fourth of July for me like Road House. We would always watch this while throwing back a few with the bud's grilling out and having a good time. I really love this movie and try to watch it every few years or so still to this day.


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